The Different Types of Trainers You Should Stay Away From

There are several advantages to hiring a personal trainer and working out under his expert guidance. You not only learn the ropes of daily exercise but also get to know all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit for years.

However, this does not mean you should commit yourself to just any trainer you come across. Search around a little and keep in mind a few things so that you know exactly the type of trainers to avoid.

The Unfit Trainer

First impressions are always important and a trainer who looks fit and fine at the very onset will definitely be your obvious choice. So avoid trainers who are out of shape themselves. Such trainers are not likely to get too involved and would rather sit and watch as you do the workouts yourself. They will offer excuses and promise better sessions but the truth is that they are too unfit to demonstrate most of the workouts they propose to ‘teach’.

The Lazy Trainer

You can often spot such trainers talking away on mobiles or busy doing other ‘important’ things such as going over your diet plans or progress charts while you huff and puff all by yourself. Such a trainer will just dish out advice on food and nutrition; make you do some cardios and tell you to avoid alcohol and tobacco without doing any substantial the hard work.  They are usually late for the sessions and are usually all talk with very little activity.

The One-track Trainer

Such trainers don’t have too many workout options in their repertoire and would insist on the same old routine each and every day. A good personal trainer that has the correct fitness course will always mix and match workouts so that you can complete the sessions comfortably and also avoid hitting fitness plateaus. Different workouts also make your sessions interesting and keep the motivation high as you constantly aim for the next goal. Always ask your would-be trainer her range of expertise and avoid those that don’t offer too many choices.

The Talkative Trainer

And then you have trainers who take the ‘personal’ thing a bit too seriously. They will often want to chat about your personal life, mutual friends or other sundry topics that are not really part of your training. A personal trainer who stays involved is good but the involvement should be strictly limited to your fitness training and how to improve your life through regular workouts and healthy habits.

The ‘Salesman’ Trainer

The journey to fitness should be a natural process without the aid of any processed meal formulations or dietary supplements. A genuine personal trainer will always insist on wholesome; natural food and a healthy lifestyle to effectively supplement your fitness journey.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of unethical trainers who promote branded supplements and other processed food to replace your natural diet. They swear by the absolute necessity of such products but the truth is that they are merely acting as salesman for certain brands. Avoid such trainers as they do not have your best interest in mind.