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Want A Home Gym? Just Buy A Bulgarian Bag!

Home gyms are getting popular against the conventional gyms due to the numerous advantages it presents.

There are also many people who might want to try a home gym first before they finally try the conventional gym, these home gyms will contain training tools like; barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, Bulgarian bags and Suspension straps.

But… is a home gym worth the money?

If you want to try a home gym, here are some considerations before you spend all the money.

Your home should have enough space.

You might have seen celebrity houses which have their own personal gym.

You will also notice that these personal gyms are spacious because they have a lot of equipment and are designed to focus on exercise.

Consider the space of your home or include them in your renovations when you do decide to have one.

Personal equipment means personal budget.

There is a lot of equipment for fitness that can be bought privately. With the variety of these equipment, you might be confused on which type of equipment is best for you.

For example; whats the difference between a Bulgarian bag and a sandbag?

Good question, and one I’d be asking myself before I spent hundreds of dollars on training equipment. You can find out some great info on the website.

Another great training implement I recently found was the The Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Hydro Bag, it’s essentially a Bulgarian bag filled with water and is excellent for building strength and explosive power.

In addition, you have to pay for your own equipment and all the fitness stuff that you want to have in your own gym.

Tips To Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like Kettlebell Training

Its time to put on that exercise gear and get into action! Most people tell themselves this daily and yet find themselves slumbering back into bed and calling it off till tomorrow. Well that tomorrow never comes! So how do you motivate yourself to get up off that bed and onto a treadmill??

Mind over Matter
The first step to get up and exercise is to make up your mind to do it. Don’t think whether you should or should not; just know that you have to and get up and do it. Once your mind is made up nothing can stop you. Also think of how you would feel if you didn’t exercise?

That’s right – disappointed, weak and under confident. These factors are enough to get you on the move and make you feel good about yourself!


Create a role model
Think of that model or actress with the perfect body and motivate yourself to be like her. This is a great way to remind yourself what you’re working towards and to keep you on the right path. Pick someone who has healthy eating and exercise habits and who is dedicated to staying fit, the Dangerously Fit Academy can help you.

Start Small
Set goals and create a fitness regime that can be easily accomplished. If you create a strenuous exercise regime that is difficult to handle everyday, it will be easier to give up. Start with a simple workout schedule and once you master this you can set out to achieve larger goals, check out some of the Dangerously Fit Academy Reviews.

Buddy Up!
Having a partner in crime always provides you the extra motivation no matter what you’re doing. The best way to ensure you stay on track and follow your workout regime is to find someone to do it with you. This not only makes it more enjoyable and fun but also means that someone will keep an eye on you and provide you the added encouragement and motivation to keep you exercising. And you can do the same for them as well! So go ahead find a workout partner now!

Variety is the Key
Doing the same exercises everyday can soon become boring and repetitive and would lead to a decline in enthusiasm. Make your workouts more fun by mixing up various exercises and alternating between different activities like swimming, aerobics, dancing and more! With something different to do every day, you will find yourself more inclined towards staying fit.

Think of the benefits
Often you might feel like giving up halfway through your exercise regime but make sure you re-motivate yourself by mentally making a note of all the physical and psychological benefits. You can even write it down and pin it on your fridge or wall to keep you going! Tell yourself that by doing this you are not only staying fit but also increasing your heart and lung functions, improving your complexion, getting a better and more relaxed sleep and increasing your own confidence. These will surely make you mentally strong enough to stay firm on the right path.

Don’t Give up
If you find that you haven’t exercised in days and weeks and feel de-motivated, just relax take a deep breath and get back on that horse! No need to think of how long it’s been since you last jogged around the park; just put on those shoes and get running. Once you start you will gain momentum again. Till then keep telling yourself that exercising is a fun way to give you the body you have always wanted. Do two jumping jacks immediately to give you the motivation to start and set your heart rate going which would make you feel that exercise is a good idea!

Treat Yourself
Once you begin exercising again the best way to keep going is to reward yourself when you accomplish all your goals. For instance if you haven’t missed your workout regime the entire week treat yourself to a movie you’ve been dying to watch. Rewarding yourself for small achievements will surely make you want to keep at it and follow your routine daily, why not treat yourself with kettlebell certifications?

Therefore don’t think it is impossible to get that body you have always wanted. Keep yourself going with these simple techniques and you will surely see a new fit self in no time! Remember to be flexible in your methods and enjoy yourself while getting in shape. Follow a fun and innovative exercise schedule daily and you surely will have the body you desire.

Personal Training Personality – The Guru

As a personal trainer an important facet of your training is to include ‘Guru’ skills. When you conduct client consultations you have to convey to clients the right mix of guidance, expertise and motivation.

become an online personal trainer

There are dozens of personal trainers in the fitness marketing business so you have to develop the above mentioned skills to stand out and successfully build your client base. Ensure that you have all the requirements as mentioned below to help you in your quest.

The right qualifications
Your basic qualification should be a Certificate IV for fitness training. If you have a more advanced qualification you should try and add a fitness diploma and a degree in Bachelor – Applied Fitness.

In case you would like to specialise in any particular fitness area or age group, such details should be mentioned when you meet/advertise for new clients.

Dangerously Fit Opens Fitness Boot Camp

Health and fitness complement each other. If you are looking for these in a Gold Coast Boot Camp, you would not be disappointed. The speed at which you achieve your fitness objective and the duration taken is dependent on you as well as your fitness instructor.

Working out in a group has its own set of advantages.  To ensure that your maximum efforts are channelized, you need to choose a good Boot Camp instructor.

Ideally, an effective fitness instructor in a Gold Coast Boot Camp program should;

1. Have a certification from a recognized certifying organization. This certification serves as an assurance that the Gold Coast boot camp trainer has the requisite knowledge to guide you through a safe and effective workout.

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2. Emphasize on your interest and this is extremely important. A good instructor is expected to make you feel comfortable, make eye contact and prioritize your workout. Gold Coast Boot Camp – Broadbeach are at excellent at doing this!

3. Accommodate your needs. An effective Gold Coast Boot Camp instructor must focus on this aspect. A class or a session should neither exhaust you nor put you in pain. The design of the program should be such that it benefits beginners and those at intermediate and advanced levels as well.

4. Demonstrate his abilities in giving a total body workout. He should be able to discuss the benefits and if a particular workout is putting you at stress, he should be able to do the necessary modifications so as to cater to your needs.

5. Be able to instill adequate levels of motivation in you. The most important key to fitness or weight reduction is consistency. Consistency can be achieved only when you are interested to attend your workout sessions. Interest builds in when you go through a set of dynamic workouts and your instructor possesses the ability to introduce dynamism and demonstrates keen excitement himself in helping you achieve your objectives.
Dangerously Fit Academy Courses teach you fantastic NLP coaching techniques.

6. Besides having knowledge on workouts, he should also understand the health implications of a specific exercise on an individual. Your general fitness level should be ascertained by the instructor. When I trained at goldcoastbootcamp we did regular fitness assesments to guage our current levels.

Boot Camp in Gold Coast is good for those who find their motivation levels increasing when working out in a group. With the presence of a great fitness instructor, most problems get solved by default. The above mentioned tips helps in choosing a good bootcamp instructor and the final decision of making a choice and sustaining the decision is dependent on you.

Hire A Personal Trainer If You Want To Lose Weight

Fitness salaries can vary a lot depending on the personal trainer and experience. When you are a certified trainer, your responsibility would include training clients with very different body types. A body type is the natural type of body structure you are born with  for instance, some people just have the tendency to put on weight on their upper body and some may just have the tendency to put on weight around their abdomen.

A good home weight loss routine written by an experience personal trainer will soon help you shift the unwanted fat that has been gathering round the waist.

For every body type, there are different types of exercise and training methods to follow. An instructor with relevant weight loss personal trainer would have to understand the client ‘s body type and accordingly plan the exercises. Here are some training tips for clients who have an Android Body type one that typically tends to put on weight around the abdomen area.

Squats with Medicine Ball  

Squats have always been a great way to strengthen and tone the leg muscles and abdomen area. Squatting repeatedly and using the medicine ball at the same time will provide more weight and pressure and help tone the body faster. At first, the client can be taught to perform normal squats. After this he can be taught to use the medicine ball and perform squats along with the ball. It is all about lifting the ball at the same time as you squat.

Walking Lunges with Weight

The best way to tone thighs and abdomen is with exercises like squats and lunges. It would help to perform lunges using a weight on the hands, like a medicine ball. With every lunge forward, lift one alternating arm upward holding the medicine ball. Repeat this with the other leg and hand and alternate the movements. Perform this in sets of two or three along with other exercises. The best online personal training program in Australia (Dangerously Fit) recommneds you always learn how to the fundamentals correctly before working on complex exercises.

Tick Tock Planks

Tick tock planks are also a great exercise for the android body type. In this exercise you have to lie on your stomach and balance yourself on your forearms. One by one, you have to shift your weight fast and try and balance and hold yourself on one forearm at a time. It may sound like an easy exercise but in reality it is not. It requires practice and patience. After a few weeks though, you will start noticing the difference to your arms and abdomen area.

Treadmill Exercises

Performing exercises on a treadmill and doing a bunch of cardio workouts will also help in reducing weight around the abdomen and managing the overall android body type. It is important to perform these exercises regularly and repeatedly. Cardio workouts help burn full body weight and calories. Besides treadmill exercises you can use other stationery equipment like exercise bikes and all to help you tone down and lose weight.

Last Minute Tips

When looking exercise methods to train clients with android body types, trainers with adequate fitness instructor certifications should always keep a few things in mind. They should also target the eating habits of the client. If a client exercises but eats the wrong things, he will never achieve his fitness objective. Furthermore, regular exercise is the key to achieving fitness goals.

Make the Most of Your Personal Training

Tips to Make the Most of Your Personal Training Program

It is the 21st century; health and fitness is the day. Everyone wants to lose the flab, build some muscle mass and develop the typical movie-star sort of build. Thankfully, there are a huge number of workouts and fitness regimens waiting for you.

Whether you are a member of a gym, or are casually reading articles online, if you pick up an effective program and follow it rigorously, it will return dividends.

One of the most proven personal training programs is the 12 week body challenge. It has recently been the rage among fitness freaks, and there are several renditions offered by different providers, gyms, websites and the like. If you do take up a 12 week body challenge course, it is important that you make the most of it. If you are pregnant, don’t worry you can also participate to the challenge if you follow carefully the 37 fit pregnancy tips.

What is the challenge?

The premise of the challenge is simple. A number of competitors sign up at an initial date, and are asked to tabulate their present physical state BEFORE, by taking pictures, and recording data like weight, span of the waist, hips etc.

The next step is the program itself. The provider will give you a comprehensive set of workouts, along with nutritional information and detailed routines. Follow these religiously, and you will see results soon enough.

The program spans over 12 weeks, so once that is over, you need to collect and tabulate your AFTER data the same way you tabulated the BEFORE data, with pictures and measurements. The program coordinators will then review the data and create a ranked list of all participants.

The top ranked participant will be the one who has benefited the most, i.e. undergone the most change through the program. This winner is given a large prize, normally a cash prize along with felicitation and recognition. These are however supplementary- the biggest reward you get is the fantastic effect of the personal training program.

Back Your Personal Training Program With A Fantastic Nutritional Plan

While the workouts and the physical activity are the major part of your program, they may not be as effective if they are not backed up with a properly sketched out nutritional plan.

Good nutrition and a balanced diet are very important in keeping oneself fit. You need to cut down on excess carbs and fatty food. Switch to a diet which is able to give your body all the essential nutrients without adding empty calories to it.

Low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt are actually great for your bones. Leafy, green vegetables, fruits and organic foodstuffs are the best for your system. Muscles need lean proteins, which are found in meat and nuts in abundance.

Avoid foods processed in high fat, sodium or sugar. You should snack either before or after your workouts, but restrict those to short meals, with nuts, or lean meats or fruits. These really help.

Tabulate Your Progress

This is actually one of the most important things to do. You could maintain a diary or even a spreadsheet where you record your statistics like weight and other measurements weekly. This is important as it helps you keep track and ensure that the program really is working, and also keeps you motivated towards your goals. There are a number of apps for your smartphone which can collect data while you are running or working out, and then tabulate it themselves. You could use those too

Brace Yourself

It is important for you to be fit enough to undertake the entire challenge. So, in between workout times, you should also practice some basic workouts, from weights, to crunches, push-ups and other activities which allow your upper body, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps to stay in shape. It is also important that you take adequate rest and allow your body to accept the rapid changes which will be occurring.

The 12 week body challenge from Dangerously Fit is a tough process, but it is also a highly rewarding one. Even if you don’t win, you end up much thinner and fitter, ready to face the world.

The Right Trainer for Your Fitness Routine


The Different Types of Trainers You Should Stay Away From

There are several advantages to hiring a personal trainer and working out under his expert guidance. You not only learn the ropes of daily exercise but also get to know all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit for years.

However, this does not mean you should commit yourself to just any trainer you come across. Search around a little and keep in mind a few things so that you know exactly the type of trainers to avoid.

The Unfit Trainer

First impressions are always important and a trainer who looks fit and fine at the very onset will definitely be your obvious choice. So avoid trainers who are out of shape themselves. Such trainers are not likely to get too involved and would rather sit and watch as you do the workouts yourself. They will offer excuses and promise better sessions but the truth is that they are too unfit to demonstrate most of the workouts they propose to ‘teach’.

The Lazy Trainer

You can often spot such trainers talking away on mobiles or busy doing other ‘important’ things such as going over your diet plans or progress charts while you huff and puff all by yourself. Such a trainer will just dish out advice on food and nutrition; make you do some cardios and tell you to avoid alcohol and tobacco without doing any substantial the hard work.  They are usually late for the sessions and are usually all talk with very little activity.

The One-track Trainer

Such trainers don’t have too many workout options in their repertoire and would insist on the same old routine each and every day. A good personal trainer that has the correct fitness course will always mix and match workouts so that you can complete the sessions comfortably and also avoid hitting fitness plateaus. Different workouts also make your sessions interesting and keep the motivation high as you constantly aim for the next goal. Always ask your would-be trainer her range of expertise and avoid those that don’t offer too many choices.

The Talkative Trainer

And then you have trainers who take the ‘personal’ thing a bit too seriously. They will often want to chat about your personal life, mutual friends or other sundry topics that are not really part of your training. A personal trainer who stays involved is good but the involvement should be strictly limited to your fitness training and how to improve your life through regular workouts and healthy habits.

The ‘Salesman’ Trainer

The journey to fitness should be a natural process without the aid of any processed meal formulations or dietary supplements. A genuine personal trainer will always insist on wholesome; natural food and a healthy lifestyle to effectively supplement your fitness journey.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of unethical trainers who promote branded supplements and other processed food to replace your natural diet. They swear by the absolute necessity of such products but the truth is that they are merely acting as salesman for certain brands. Avoid such trainers as they do not have your best interest in mind.

How to exercise Safely at Your Boot Camp

Gold Coast boot camps are a popular way to maintain fitness. While the basic idea of a fitness boot camp is influenced from Dangerously Fit boot camp, these sessions, today, are attended by a wide variety of people.

One of the important reasons for a boot camp to become so successful is that the workouts performed here are safe for people across all shapes, sizes and ages. You are not just assured of a safe workout; you are also guaranteed positive results in a quick span of time. Secondly, these boot camp sessions are a no – fills total immersion economical workout.

Your Burleigh Heads personal trainer can demonstrate ways through which your safety can be assured. His support in every single workout is of paramount importance. If you intend to lower your chances of injury, you should resort to the following ways.

(1)   It is important for you to be honest while filling up the assessment form in a Gold Coast boot camp. Ensure that you give the complete truth when you answer all questions related to your fitness and health. This will give a complete picture to your fitness instructor.

(2)   Getting adequate rest is important. Your body will repair itself during this phase and will grow stronger. When there is no proper rest, your body becomes vulnerable to extreme fatigue, sprain, strain and tears.

(3)   Make sure to inform any inconvenience that you may experience while working out to your fitness instructor. Communication is key and when you are in distress or in pain, it s important to stop and have necessary adjustments made for the exercise so that it becomes more suitable for you. Modifying exercises is a necessity in such cases. For e.g. you can use your knees to do push – ups rather than doing it military style or jog in the place of sprinting.

(4)   Dangerously Fit Gold Coast emphasize the need to warm up and cool down before and after exercising. A good warm up session that lasts for at least five to ten minutes will help to increase your heart rate at a gradual pace. Lubrication of joints and warming muscles are the key objectives to a warm up session. This will make muscles flexible and lowers chances of injury.

(5)   Stretching is of utmost importance. This will help to keep your body flexible and increases your range of motion. Muscular tears can therefore be avoided.

A boot camp will give you the necessary instructions that assure your safety. The most important aspects are to avoid overexerting and to maintain right positions and postures.

Tips to Make the Most of Social Media and SEO for Your Fitness Business

The fitness industry is booming and more and more people are choosing to become fitness instructors and personal trainer. With the huge number of trainers in this industry, there is a constant lookout for new and innovative ways to market the fitness business. Using social media as a platform to advertise your fitness business is an effective and widely used fitness marketing strategy.

Create a business page

Create a business page or profile for your fitness business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Make sure that your business page has details about your business, trainings that you provide, exercise equipment, trainer profiles, pictures of the location and contact details. Use maximum social media platforms for getting wide exposure to people of various backgrounds or age groups.

Post day to day activities

Keep some time off from your busy schedule and try to post updates daily. It can be anything such as pictures of new exercise equipment that you have bought, pictures of participants doing a workout, videos of mini-workout sessions, photos of your gym, pictures of participants doing fun activities like games etc. Photos and updates of special events that are celebrated at your gym or get-togethers encourage prospective clients to hire your services. This is an effective fitness marketing strategy to connect with clients.

Keep it lively and entertaining

Engage members in active discussions, debates, quizzes etc. Motivate them to participate. Announce the winners on social media and recognize their achievements by giving shopping vouchers, tickets for a sports event, merchandise etc as prizes. This will ensure people are motivated and keep coming back to your page or profile again and again.

Search Engine Optimisation

Fitness SEO is an absolute must if you want your website to show up in the SERPS, in fact I believe this will be your biggest ROI when it comes to marketing your personal training business or gym. When creating your website make sure you hire a professional that has experience in website design.

Time-bound events

Create events or offers for a specific duration of time. For example, you can offer fifty percent discount on your services if clients register within two hours. Have a flash sale for a few hours and give away sports gear, health related books and other printed merchandise at a discounted rate. This is a good fitness marketing tactic that can motivate customers to sign up for your services, head over to for information on their personal training course.

Client testimonials

Ask your clients to give their feedback on your services on your social media page. A great tip is to ask them to post it since it is more real and authentic than you posting it on your page. Be careful not to overdo it and post too many testimonials because it can look fake.

Network with professionals

Social media is a great way to network with other fitness industry professionals. Subscribe to their business pages and keep up with the upcoming trends in the industry. Likewise, strike a deal with them and use their business page to post updates of your business. You can do the same for them. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that can boost the business of both parties involved.

With the advent of internet technology, social media has become a powerful tool to market a business. Use various fitness marketing tactics to advertise your business and gain exposure to maximum number of prospective clients.

Tips to Reach Your Desired Weight

First approach weight dropping the natural way. You need to teach your body metabolism to be able to function to its fullest without heavy effort. You can achieve this by moving around more.

Little things like looking after active kids, going around doing household chores, taking regular breaks in office work, will help. If you are into taking walks, walk a longer distance; climb stairs instead of using the lift etc.

These are small efforts and though they will not replace doing regular workouts, the constant activity will definitely help in improving your metabolism. When it comes to doing regular workouts it would be good to use the services of a personal trainer.

Eating Tips

  • To target a good weight you need to eat different types of healthy nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. Lean protein, carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and whole grains and plant-based fats are the ideal combination. You should drink a lot of liquids which will help your body to function well.
  • Avoid eating fast food it will not do you any good. Take care to control the portions you eat. If you are in doubt as to which foods to select, check with your personal trainer who has been trained in all aspects of weight control.
  • If you are into intense workouts your body may require more food to maintain a high metabolism. In this instance too your personal trainer will be able to guide you as to the right amount of food you should eat.
  • After you get up in the morning it is important to do a few easy cardio exercises to keep the metabolism rolling. You can achieve this by taking a half hour run before breakfast. Once you get used to this daily run you will feel more alert and ready to take on the other activities of the day.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol – it will only add on extra calories. Instead you can drink water spiced with slices of fruit – a combination that will go with any type of meal.
  • Avoid eating junk food or other processed food which is not healthy. Also eating diet products during the day such as packaged bars and different types of shakes will not help you to lose any weight. Pizzas and cheeseburgers are also a ‘no no’ when it comes to healthy eating.

Break old bad habits

After you start working out you might still be tempted to continue with some of your old habits which might prove detrimental to losing weight. Activities like going out for dinner with a group of friends or spending happy hours with your office crowd could prove dangerous.

You have to be ready to change on all fronts and make yourself responsible to indulge only in healthy habits. If you keep in mind your goal to attain significant weight loss, you will be able to be more focused and be able to travel the right path.

Know when to control

You will not reach the weight you are targeting by counting calories and measuring all that you eat. What you need to do is to listen to the hunger signals your body sends out each day. What you should do is satisfy about 80% of your hunger which in turn will work out to having 5-6 smaller meals a day. It is important not to keep the body hungry as you may then end up binging.