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Hire A Personal Trainer If You Want To Lose Weight

Fitness salaries can vary a lot depending on the personal trainer and experience. When you are a certified trainer, your responsibility would include training clients with very different body types. A body type is the natural type of body structure you are born with  for instance, some people just have the tendency to put on weight on their upper body and some may just have the tendency to put on weight around their abdomen.

A good home weight loss routine written by an experience personal trainer will soon help you shift the unwanted fat that has been gathering round the waist.

For every body type, there are different types of exercise and training methods to follow. An instructor with relevant weight loss personal trainer would have to understand the client ‘s body type and accordingly plan the exercises. Here are some training tips for clients who have an Android Body type one that typically tends to put on weight around the abdomen area.

Squats with Medicine Ball  

Squats have always been a great way to strengthen and tone the leg muscles and abdomen area. Squatting repeatedly and using the medicine ball at the same time will provide more weight and pressure and help tone the body faster. At first, the client can be taught to perform normal squats. After this he can be taught to use the medicine ball and perform squats along with the ball. It is all about lifting the ball at the same time as you squat.

Walking Lunges with Weight

The best way to tone thighs and abdomen is with exercises like squats and lunges. It would help to perform lunges using a weight on the hands, like a medicine ball. With every lunge forward, lift one alternating arm upward holding the medicine ball. Repeat this with the other leg and hand and alternate the movements. Perform this in sets of two or three along with other exercises. The best online personal training program in Australia (Dangerously Fit) recommneds you always learn how to the fundamentals correctly before working on complex exercises.

Tick Tock Planks

Tick tock planks are also a great exercise for the android body type. In this exercise you have to lie on your stomach and balance yourself on your forearms. One by one, you have to shift your weight fast and try and balance and hold yourself on one forearm at a time. It may sound like an easy exercise but in reality it is not. It requires practice and patience. After a few weeks though, you will start noticing the difference to your arms and abdomen area.

Treadmill Exercises

Performing exercises on a treadmill and doing a bunch of cardio workouts will also help in reducing weight around the abdomen and managing the overall android body type. It is important to perform these exercises regularly and repeatedly. Cardio workouts help burn full body weight and calories. Besides treadmill exercises you can use other stationery equipment like exercise bikes and all to help you tone down and lose weight.

Last Minute Tips

When looking exercise methods to train clients with android body types, trainers with adequate fitness instructor certifications should always keep a few things in mind. They should also target the eating habits of the client. If a client exercises but eats the wrong things, he will never achieve his fitness objective. Furthermore, regular exercise is the key to achieving fitness goals.

Tips to Reach Your Desired Weight

First approach weight dropping the natural way. You need to teach your body metabolism to be able to function to its fullest without heavy effort. You can achieve this by moving around more.

Little things like looking after active kids, going around doing household chores, taking regular breaks in office work, will help. If you are into taking walks, walk a longer distance; climb stairs instead of using the lift etc.

These are small efforts and though they will not replace doing regular workouts, the constant activity will definitely help in improving your metabolism. When it comes to doing regular workouts it would be good to use the services of a personal trainer.

Eating Tips

  • To target a good weight you need to eat different types of healthy nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. Lean protein, carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and whole grains and plant-based fats are the ideal combination. You should drink a lot of liquids which will help your body to function well.
  • Avoid eating fast food it will not do you any good. Take care to control the portions you eat. If you are in doubt as to which foods to select, check with your personal trainer who has been trained in all aspects of weight control.
  • If you are into intense workouts your body may require more food to maintain a high metabolism. In this instance too your personal trainer will be able to guide you as to the right amount of food you should eat.
  • After you get up in the morning it is important to do a few easy cardio exercises to keep the metabolism rolling. You can achieve this by taking a half hour run before breakfast. Once you get used to this daily run you will feel more alert and ready to take on the other activities of the day.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol – it will only add on extra calories. Instead you can drink water spiced with slices of fruit – a combination that will go with any type of meal.
  • Avoid eating junk food or other processed food which is not healthy. Also eating diet products during the day such as packaged bars and different types of shakes will not help you to lose any weight. Pizzas and cheeseburgers are also a ‘no no’ when it comes to healthy eating.

Break old bad habits

After you start working out you might still be tempted to continue with some of your old habits which might prove detrimental to losing weight. Activities like going out for dinner with a group of friends or spending happy hours with your office crowd could prove dangerous.

You have to be ready to change on all fronts and make yourself responsible to indulge only in healthy habits. If you keep in mind your goal to attain significant weight loss, you will be able to be more focused and be able to travel the right path.

Know when to control

You will not reach the weight you are targeting by counting calories and measuring all that you eat. What you need to do is to listen to the hunger signals your body sends out each day. What you should do is satisfy about 80% of your hunger which in turn will work out to having 5-6 smaller meals a day. It is important not to keep the body hungry as you may then end up binging.