Home gyms are getting popular against the conventional gyms due to the numerous advantages it presents.

There are also many people who might want to try a home gym first before they finally try the conventional gym, these home gyms will contain training tools like; barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, Bulgarian bags and Suspension straps.

But… is a home gym worth the money?

If you want to try a home gym, here are some considerations before you spend all the money.

Your home should have enough space.

You might have seen celebrity houses which have their own personal gym.

You will also notice that these personal gyms are spacious because they have a lot of equipment and are designed to focus on exercise.

Consider the space of your home or include them in your renovations when you do decide to have one.

Personal equipment means personal budget.

There is a lot of equipment for fitness that can be bought privately. With the variety of these equipment, you might be confused on which type of equipment is best for you.

For example; whats the difference between a Bulgarian bag and a sandbag?

Good question, and one I’d be asking myself before I spent hundreds of dollars on training equipment. You can find out some great info on the www.bulgarianbag.com.au website.

Another great training implement I recently found was the The Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Hydro Bag, it’s essentially a Bulgarian bag filled with water and is excellent for building strength and explosive power.

In addition, you have to pay for your own equipment and all the fitness stuff that you want to have in your own gym.