Its time to put on that exercise gear and get into action! Most people tell themselves this daily and yet find themselves slumbering back into bed and calling it off till tomorrow. Well that tomorrow never comes! So how do you motivate yourself to get up off that bed and onto a treadmill??

Mind over Matter
The first step to get up and exercise is to make up your mind to do it. Don’t think whether you should or should not; just know that you have to and get up and do it. Once your mind is made up nothing can stop you. Also think of how you would feel if you didn’t exercise?

That’s right – disappointed, weak and under confident. These factors are enough to get you on the move and make you feel good about yourself!


Create a role model
Think of that model or actress with the perfect body and motivate yourself to be like her. This is a great way to remind yourself what you’re working towards and to keep you on the right path. Pick someone who has healthy eating and exercise habits and who is dedicated to staying fit, the Dangerously Fit Academy can help you.

Start Small
Set goals and create a fitness regime that can be easily accomplished. If you create a strenuous exercise regime that is difficult to handle everyday, it will be easier to give up. Start with a simple workout schedule and once you master this you can set out to achieve larger goals, check out some of the Dangerously Fit Academy Reviews.

Buddy Up!
Having a partner in crime always provides you the extra motivation no matter what you’re doing. The best way to ensure you stay on track and follow your workout regime is to find someone to do it with you. This not only makes it more enjoyable and fun but also means that someone will keep an eye on you and provide you the added encouragement and motivation to keep you exercising. And you can do the same for them as well! So go ahead find a workout partner now!

Variety is the Key
Doing the same exercises everyday can soon become boring and repetitive and would lead to a decline in enthusiasm. Make your workouts more fun by mixing up various exercises and alternating between different activities like swimming, aerobics, dancing and more! With something different to do every day, you will find yourself more inclined towards staying fit.

Think of the benefits
Often you might feel like giving up halfway through your exercise regime but make sure you re-motivate yourself by mentally making a note of all the physical and psychological benefits. You can even write it down and pin it on your fridge or wall to keep you going! Tell yourself that by doing this you are not only staying fit but also increasing your heart and lung functions, improving your complexion, getting a better and more relaxed sleep and increasing your own confidence. These will surely make you mentally strong enough to stay firm on the right path.

Don’t Give up
If you find that you haven’t exercised in days and weeks and feel de-motivated, just relax take a deep breath and get back on that horse! No need to think of how long it’s been since you last jogged around the park; just put on those shoes and get running. Once you start you will gain momentum again. Till then keep telling yourself that exercising is a fun way to give you the body you have always wanted. Do two jumping jacks immediately to give you the motivation to start and set your heart rate going which would make you feel that exercise is a good idea!

Treat Yourself
Once you begin exercising again the best way to keep going is to reward yourself when you accomplish all your goals. For instance if you haven’t missed your workout regime the entire week treat yourself to a movie you’ve been dying to watch. Rewarding yourself for small achievements will surely make you want to keep at it and follow your routine daily, why not treat yourself with kettlebell certifications?

Therefore don’t think it is impossible to get that body you have always wanted. Keep yourself going with these simple techniques and you will surely see a new fit self in no time! Remember to be flexible in your methods and enjoy yourself while getting in shape. Follow a fun and innovative exercise schedule daily and you surely will have the body you desire.